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How To Import Contacts From ACT!:

How To Import Contacts From Act:

  1. Click on the Contacts Button in the Home tab of PKS6

  2. Click Import Contacts from ACT in the window that pops up

  3. Navigate to and sign into your Act Database

  4. To move all contacts, click the double green arrows. Please note this is only recommended when combined with the “Only Show Users” box checked. 

  5. To Move specific contacts you can search for them, select them in the list and click the green, single arrow to move them to the import list. 

  6. To move multiple contacts from the contact list to the import list, use Ctrl + click to select multiple records and then click the green, single arrow to move them.

  7. Once you have selected all of the contacts you wish to import, Click Ok.

  8. Your Contacts are now usable for assigning tasks etc within PKS6. 

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